Le Chateau de ChambordMugdock Castle, ScotlandThe Oriel Window, Lacock AbbeyCentral Station, LisbonPraça do Comércio, LisbonPraça de Rossio, LisbonCasa dos Bicos, LisbonIgreja de São Domingos, LisbonSé de LisboaDetail - Sé de LisboaMosteiro de Jéronimos, BelémMosteiro de Jéronimos Main Entrance, BelémElevador Santa Justa, LisbonThe Mir, LisbonTorre de BelémFishermen in the Mist

This is a series called Human Mist. The images are made using various calotype processes. In the longer exposures required by the dry paper processes any movement is averaged out. Vestiges of people’s movements appear as what early practitioners referred to as “human mist”. The images appear at first sight to be devoid of human presence; they were there but now they are gone, leaving only a misty trail as evidence they were ever there.