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Building the 16×20: Completed

The last thing I made was the ground glass. This was partly as it wasn’t going to be difficult but I was putting off having to drive to Ginav the glass people down by the Bombeiros […]

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Building the 16×20: Oil Finish

I’m using Danish Oil as a finish. The undyed natural version is impossible to obtain here in Southern Africa. I don’t want to use one with a wood dye as Panga Panga oils down very […]

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Building the 16×20: The Body

The stock for the front and rear standard are first machined to size, the dovetails and marked out and hand-cut. The groove to accept the back and ground glass is machined on the rear standard sides. […]

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Building the 16×20: The Base

The size of the base was determined by the measured bellows extension and the width of the finished standards. The standards both sit on a sub-base panel. For the front standard this is fixed and simply […]

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Building the 16×20: The Back

I started the camera woodwork by building the back as this is by far the trickiest part. It would also involve my hand-carrying a sheet of aluminium back from Europe to Mozambique as it would […]

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Building the 16×20: The Bellows

I started out making a 10×12 sliding box camera as a prototype in pine. I completed the whole camera and almost finished the double-darkslide when I stopped and decided I’d learnt enough to put the saw to some […]

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The End of the Apprenticeship

Finally the end of the 6-month apprenticeship with Thomas Erikson, Swedish Master Cabinetmaker and fellow coffee lover. The cabinet is finally ready for oiling… And the first of 5 coats of oil is applied. This […]

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Drawer Fitting

The second apprentice piece, the cabinet in Umbila, is almost finished. Today it was time to assemble the draweres, fitting the bases to width first, then glueing on the based to the sides. The base […]

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The Second Apprentice Piece

For the second apprentice piece, an ongoing project, we have been building a tool cabinet in Umbila. This wood has a beautiful grain and looks like something between walnut and oak. The sides are dovetailed […]

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The First Apprentice Piece

Thomas has in mind a curriculum to get me where I want to be by building some set pieces of furniture. The first piece is an occasional table in pine. We went to a local […]

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