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Drawer Fitting

The second apprentice piece, the cabinet in Umbila, is almost finished. Today it was time to assemble the draweres, fitting the bases to width first, then glueing on the based to the sides. The base […]

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The Second Apprentice Piece

For the second apprentice piece, an ongoing project, we have been building a tool cabinet in Umbila. This wood has a beautiful grain and looks like something between walnut and oak. The sides are dovetailed […]

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The First Apprentice Piece

Thomas has in mind a curriculum to get me where I want to be by building some set pieces of furniture. The first piece is an occasional table in pine. We went to a local […]

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Civil War – Change of Plans

The photographic road trip I planned to make to Ilha da Mocambique this month had to be cancelled because the civil war has started up again in the centre of the country. It is far […]

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Well, I got to the bottom of the ongoing pain since the lightning strike. My 9th thoracic vertebra suffered a compression fracture as a result of the violent contraction of my back muscles compressing the […]

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Lightning Strike

Shortly after 6am on Saturday 14th November I was struck by lightning at Ponta do Ouro in the far south of Mozambique. I thought I’d write up the experience whilst it is still fresh in […]

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Kirk, Herschel, Maclear & Smyth

Sir Thomas Maclear (1794–1879) was an Irish-born South African astronomer who became Astronomer Royal at the Cape of Good Hope. Maclear would later became a good friend of David Livingstone. Maclear arrived in Cape Town […]

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The Curse of Dr John Adamson

When I was in St. Andrews in Scotland recently for the second meeting of The Calotype Society I was introduced to the house of Dr. John Adamson, a nineteenth century calotypist in Sir David Brewster’s […]

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Print Successes

To balance my last post here are the results of my workflows that give me consistently acceptable results. Two papers, Chateau Vellum 70g for salted-paper prints and Southworth Thesis for albumen prints. I have tried […]

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Salt Print Failures

I’m still trying out different workflows for salted-paper prints, different combinations of papers and methods of coating. As others have had great success with Fabriano Artistico, and just from the name it sounds like it […]

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