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The Bench – Final Assembly

Finally I have reached the stage of assembling the bench. This has all taken much longer than necessary because the various stages have been filmed and I’ve had to wait until the film crew were available and the whole project has spanned long absences for various holidays.

I cut housing joints in the aprons to fit them to the legs using wedges and glued the first bench-top to one of the aprons.

Glueing the Tops to Aprons

Glueing the Tops to Aprons

I fitted a Maguire wagon-vice into the other bench-top. All that remains is to glue that top to its apron, install the travelling block into the wagon vice, fit the well-board and fit the main vice to the bench.

Then it will be time to use the bench for its intended purpose – the construction of a 16×20″ view camera.