Human Mist

This series arises from the intrinsically slow nature of the calotype process I am using to create the images.. Exposures are anywhere from 6 minutes to an hour. Any movement is averaged out and human activity is only registered as what the early practitioners termed “Human Mist”. I have been working on this series since 2012 but the meaning of the work has morphed in that time. I see it now as a study in the ephemeral nature of human existence. Having almost died in November 2015 when I was struck by lightning in a remote corner of Mozambique, this series has taken on a fresh relevance for me in considering the precariousness of my own existence. In one image, Sé de Lisbon, I appear as a ghost myself – a sort of 19th-Century selfie.


National Museum of ScotlandAvenida Marginal, MaputoBoca do Inferno, LisbonCave Hill Cemetery, LouisvilleCentral Station, MaputoChateau de ChambordCinema, InhambaneElevador Santa JustaFortaleza de MaputoHoffman House, InhambaneIgreja de São Domingos, LisbonMosteiro dos Jerónimos, LisbonJumma Masjid, MaputoMatadouro, MaputoRossio Station, LisbonSt Andrews Cathedral %26 Tower of St RuleTorre de Belém, LisbonVila Algarve, Maputo